We are a homeschool group that provides enrichment activities in STEM, sports, history, and art (and more!) for students.  We develop experiences that will allow them to grow as leaders, make friends, and most of all have fun!! We meet three times a month (2 enrichment activities and one field trip) and we have two locations: Greater Baltimore and Columbia.

Membership Highlights:


-Fine Arts



-Field Trips


-African-American History

-Field Day

-Celebrating Holidays and Caroling

-Mom Events

-Dad-Specific Field Trips


Meeting Times:

Greater Baltimore: Group Meetings are on Mondays @ 1pm | (2 Group Meetings / 1 Field Trip per month)

Columbia, MD: Group Meetings are on Thursdays @ 1pm | (2 Group Meetings / 1 Field Trip per month)

For information on membership please email homeschoolersgbc@gmail.com.

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